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PET flake recycling polyester staple fiber plant/ PSF production line

Product Description
Product Description

SHUNXUAN MACHINERY takes the manufacturing of PRSF production line as core industry, we have the capability to supply you the required production line together with professional technology and after sales service. Besides, we offer various spare parts related to PSF production line at customer requirement. 

Source of raw material: Bottle, pop corn material, lump, recycled packing belt, PET beer bottle. 

Pop corn material comes from virgin filament, recycled filament, fabric, film or powder material. 

Final product: 1.5D-30D solid fiber, 5D-15D hollow fiber. According to customer requirement, we also provide solution for PSF line to provide colored fiber, high tenacity fiber etc. 

Raw material
Bottle, pop corn material, lump, recycled packing belt, PET beer bottle etc.
Screw extruder nos.:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Spinneret Dia.:
Production capacity: 
10ton per day to 100 ton per day 
Final product: 
Solid fiber ( cotton fiber for spinning into yarn, colored fiber, wool type fiber, normal solid fiber for nonwoven fabric etc), three dimensional hollow conjugated fiber. 
Spinning part
Material Drying →Hopper →Extruder Melting → Filtrating →Spin Beam →Gear Pump → Spinning → Quenching →Oiling and Winding →Tow Collecting
Finishing part
Tow Gathering →Tow Guiding→1st Stretching →Water Bath→2nd Stretching →Steam Box→3rd Stretching → Stacking → Crimping →Conveying Spreading → Drying → Cutter → Baler (Solid)
Main service

Feasibility Study

Market demand
Raw material supply
Factory Scale
Process flow
Equipment selection
Environmental impact
Capital Investment

Factory planning and design

Logistics trend
Equipment layout
Auxiliary equipment
Spare parts

Technical support

Installation plan
Process calculation
Machine commission
Production debugging
New worker training
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