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Polyester staple fiber cutting machine for polyester staple fiber line

Product Description
Product Description
Polyester staple fiber cutting machine for PSF production line
It is used for cutting the fiber tow into certain length such as 38mm, 51mm, 64mm etc. 
Model No.
YC512, CS II, HV771
10ton per day to 60ton per day 
Assembly style
Horizontal or vertical
Cutting speed
Cutting length
Direction for use
Model SX2018 is suitable for super short fiber cutting application (5mm). It could be applied to cut both PP and PET fiber. 
The capacity is around 6ton per day. 

  • Direction for use:

CS II is suitable for processing capacity under 30ton/day. 
It is designed with visual window for better production monitoring, user-friendly interface for easy operation and simple maintenance. 
Specially designed fiber guider reduce damage to fiber surface. 
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Company Introduction
Zhangjiagang Shunxuan Machinery focusing on the needs of customers, we continue to innovate, open cooperation with partners, in polyester staple fiber to build a unique solution advantage. We are committed to providing competitive PSF equipment solutions and services for staple fiber enterprises, continuously improving customer experience and creating maximum value for dearest customers. Up to now, our products and solutions have been applied to more than 100 staple fiber enterprised in nearly 20 countries around the world.
Our vision is to improve customers' exprience with our professional expertise in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing and help customers to master equipment operation skills in case of reduce the cost and difficulty of operation and maintenance.