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Polyester staple fiber production line PSF machine bottle flake recycling machine

Product Description
Product Description

The line uses polyester waste as raw material to produce polyester fiber by means of melting, filtering, metering melt as well as spinning, quenching, oiling, drawing-off, feeding and filling technology.

The line consists of main production line, auxiliary production units and general facilities, including:

1Main production line for spinning 

It mainly consists of extruder, filter, spinning insulation beam, thermal agent circulation system, metering pump, pump driving system, spin pack, blasting device, winding machine and yarn can traverse system. 

2 Auxiliary production units, including 

Dissembling, cleaning, assembling, preheating of spin pack; testing of spinneret and preparation of sand; preparation of finish oil; air conditioning and ventilation; physical and chemical detection.

3 General facilities, including 

Electric substation, water supply, compressed air system and other comprehensive facilities.

Detailed Images

Spinning line

Capacity: 15-30 Ton Per Day

Brand: Shunxuan

Original: China

Drying system: Vacuum dryer or continous drying system 

Product: 1.5D-30D soild fiber or 5D-15D hollow fiber 

Recycled bottle flake get dryed first, and goes into screw extruder for melt, then the melt will be purified by filter. Melt get distributed by meter pump and goes into spin beam for the second filtration and then become fiber tow after spinneret and cooling system. 

Finishing line

Capacity: 15-100 Ton per day
Brand: Shunxuan
Original: China

The Finishing line consists of the process of creeling, drawing, setting, crimping, cutting and baling etc. 

The tow is collected through the creel stand from the fiber can, then comes to the drawing field, by oil diping, steaming, stretching, the fiber tow get more strength and get required denier. Finally baled after heat setting. 

Machine Name: Stretcher

Machine Name: Baler

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

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After-Sales Service

* Training how to use the machine 

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