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Gear pump, meter pump for PET melt, polyester staple fiber machine spare parts

Product Description
Product Description
Gear pump/Melt pump/Spinning pump for polyester staple fiber production
Gear pump/ Melt pump/Spinning pump 
Applicable raw material
PET bottle flake, Popcorn Material, PET lump, Waste PET fabric
Control the melt inlet quantity precisely to ensure the evenness of each spinning position
Delivery period
30 working days 
Related Products
We shall adopt all method to protect the machine from delivery damage including wooden case,  strong membrane, steel wire for fix, wood block etc.
After Sales Service
Technical service
1. Factory layout design
2. Foundation preparation guidance 
3. Field installation 
4. Local worker training 
5. Production technology training by experienced engineer
6. Machine maintenance consult at any time
Company Introduction
Zhangjiagang Shunxuan Machinery Co,.Ltd is located in Jiangsu Province, China. Focusing on the needs of customers, we continue to innovate, open cooperation with partners, in polyester, polyamide, composite fiber, polypropylene, special staple fiber and other aspects to build a unique solution advantage. We are committed to providing competitive PSF equipment solutions and services for staple fiber enterprises, improving customer experience continuously and creating maximum value for dearest customers. Up to now, our products and solutions have been applied to more than 100 staple fiber enterprises in nearly 20 countries around the world.

Our Services & Strength

Our vision is to improve customers' experience with our professional expertise in the field of mechnical equipment manufacturing and help customers to master equipment operation skills in case of reduce the cost and difficulty of operation and maintenance.